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Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor WS-1300 [WS-1300]

Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor WS-1300 [WS-1300]

Selling Price: JPY5,600

Weight: 600g


Item Information

(Super Comfort System)

  • "OK"sign tells you correct position.
  • Our original M-shaped cuff covers your wrist completely and never misses a single signal from your artery.
  • Heart flashes when pulse rhythm detected was irregular.
  • 2 Separate Memory Banks to save maximum of 120 Readings.
  • Measured readings are saved with measurement date and time.
  • The product is designed and proudly made in Japan.
  • Carrying Case and Sample batteries included.
  • Automatic inflation
  • Unsurpassed speed and comfort measuring
  • 2×60 readings memory bank
  • Cuff fits wrists 12.5〜21.5cm
  • Date and Time
  • Instruction:English & Chinese

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