Tiger IH Rice Cooker (220V) 1.0L [JKW-A10W]

Tiger IH Rice Cooker (220V) 1.0L [JKW-A10W]

Selling Price: JPY28,800(tax excluded)

(tax included: JPY31,680)

Weight: 5500g

Quantity: pcs.

Item Information

  • IH (Induction Heating)
  • Cooking rice capacity: 5.5 cup,1.0L
  • " 剛火" IH up to 1,210W high heat 115 degrees Celsius cooking rice
    and you can cook delicious rice plumply over a high heat
  • Three levels of structure crater heaters installed in a crater which convey heat directly
    Thickness 1.5mm far infrared rays coating, fluorine processing specifications
    With copper having high thermal conductivity, you can cook heat without an irregularity uniformly
  • The reservation absorbing water timer deployment
  • Bath heater installed in a crater cleansed rice correspondence
  • Original clock timer
  • Various microcomputer cooking rice menu functions
  • Power:AC:220V(SE-Plug)
  • Capacity:1.0L
  • Size:260(W)x355(H)x198(D)mm
  • Weight:3.7kg
  • Made in Japan
  • Instraction:English,Chinese,Japanese,Korean
  • After Packing(EMS):6kg

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