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HITACHI Pressure IH & Steam Rice Cooker (220-230V) 1.0L [RZ-KV100Y]

HITACHI Pressure IH & Steam Rice Cooker (220-230V) 1.0L [RZ-KV100Y]

Selling Price: JPY64,800

Weight: 8000g

Quantity: pcs.

Item Information

From the best of Japan,Hitachi brings you the advanced Pressure & Steam Induction Heating (IH) Rice Cooker.Using four superior elements to ensure rice cooked to perfection,the premium "Made in Japan" IH Rice Cooker gives you delicious-cooked rice of the softest texture and sweetest taste,with the ivory appearance of Hokkaido Snow.

  • Voltage:220-230V(50Hz/60Hz)
  • Rice Capacity:1.0L(5.5Cups)
  • Inner Pot:Thermal Sprayed Thick Iron Pot & Gold Fluorine Coating
  • Pressure:1.3 atmospheric pressure
  • Boilong Point:107℃ high temperture
  • Steam Warm: 24 hrs
  • Steam Reheat: OK
  • Rice Menu:White Rice:Normal,Rapid Mix,Porridge/Brown Rice:Normal,Mix,Porridge
  • Variety Menu:Cake,Risotto,Steaming(Steam Tray)
  • Display Panel: LCD with White Back Light /Language: English & Chinese
  • Instruction Manual:English
  • A color: Metallic red
  • Accesories:Rice Scoop,Rice Scoop Holder,Measuring Cup


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