ZOJIRUSHI Rice Cooker (1.8L/10Cups) NS-ZCC18-WZ(120V) [NS-ZCC18-WZ]

ZOJIRUSHI Rice Cooker (1.8L/10Cups) NS-ZCC18-WZ(120V) [NS-ZCC18-WZ]

Selling Price: JPY16,800(tax excluded)

(tax included: JPY18,480)

Weight: 5000g


Item Information

  • Black Thick Spherical Inner Cooking Pan
  • Multi-Menu Cooker:White,Sushi Rice,Brown Rice, Semibrown Rice, Mixed Rice,Sweet Rice and porridge.
  • Easy to cook healthy Brown Rice and Semi-Brown Rice .
  • Equipped with "Pre-washed Rice"cooking function which enables to cook tasty menus.
  • Detachable and Washable Inner Lid.
  • Inner Pan handles allow quick and easy handling of the Inner Pan.
  • Spherical Heating System.
  • Extended Keep Warm.
  • Power:AC:120V(A-plug)
  • Capacity:1.8L
  • Body size:280(W)x240(W)x360(W)mm /3.7kg
  • Box size:325(W)x285(H)x400(D)mm /4.8kg
  • Made in Japan
  • Accessories:Panel label spatula,measuring cup
  • Instraction:English,Japanese,Chinese,Korean
  • After Packing(EMS):5.0kg

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