ZOJIRUSHI Vacuum Electric Dispensing Pot 4.0 L CV-DST40XA (AC220-230V)
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ZOJIRUSHI Vacuum Electric Dispensing Pot 4.0L CV-DST40XA (AC220-230V) [CV-DST40XA]

ZOJIRUSHI Vacuum Electric Dispensing Pot 4.0L CV-DST40XA (AC220-230V) [CV-DST40XA]

Selling Price: JPY22,800

Weight: 4500g

Item Information


Deluxe Micro-Computerized Electric Dispensing Pot


Easy-touch electric dispensing Pot

  • 4 phase Keep Warm with Timer function 【Temperature Settings98℃,90℃,80℃】and Enagy saving.
  • Saving energy is HOT with our VE® Hybrid Water Boiler & Warmer
  • Vacuum Insulated Non-Electric Keep Warm and the Vacuum-Electric (VE) hybrid keep warm system will save energy while keeping your water hot all day
  • LCD shows actual water temperature at all times.
  • Easy-to-clean & Easy-to-serve with "Panorama window" wideview water gauge.
  • Safety Auto-shut-off & Convenient Re-Boil mode.
  • Capacity:4.0 L 
  • Voltage: 220-230V 50/60Hz
  • Plug type:SE-plug
  • Size:W22.0 x H35.0 x D28.0cm
  • Gross Weight:4.0kg
  • Instraction:English,Japanese,Chinese,Korean
  • Made in JAPAN

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